Cars on road

No, cutting your car's carbon emissions won't cost you more

Amidst the resumption of the Ministerial Forum on Vehicle Emissions, some have raised concerns of possible higher costs for new car buyers. ClimateWorks Head of Implementation Scott Ferraro addresses five key concerns and explains why if designed well and in collaboration with industry and consumers light vehicle CO₂ emissions standards can provide benefit for motorists and the broader Australian economy.
New York city

Business moves on climate as the Paris Agreement gets closer to sealing the deal

In late September the Paris Climate Agreement was getting ever closer to coming into force. At the same time the first post-Paris Climate Week was being held in New York. ClimateWorks Research Projects Manager Wei Sue reported from the event, saying "There has been a convergence of political, technological and environmental understanding: a low carbon economy is no longer a trade-off or threat. It's an opportunity. And it's happening now."

Energy efficiency key priority for Asia Pacific

Energy efficiency continues to be a key policy concern for governments and an increasing focus for business throughout the Asia Pacific. Eli Court from ClimateWorks Australia recently attended the Conference on Energy Efficiency in Asia; here he shares some of the top learnings from the conference held in Taiwan last month.

Reducing energy use is a big winner for business and the climate

Companies could improve their profits by 2-10% each year by saving energy. That’s just one of the findings of ClimateWorks Australia’s Energy Productivity Index, a world-first attempt to assess companies' energy performance and help investors make better decisions.

ClimateWorks presents its research to Mary Robinson

On March 15, ClimateWorks Australia Chair, Professor John Thwaites and CEO, Anna Skarbek attended a roundtable discussion on climate change with Mary Robinson, the former Irish president, former UN Commissioner for Human Rights and UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy on Climate Change.

Addressing air quality issues can provide significant benefits for human health

In February 2016, leading Australian experts in air quality and lung health came together to develop plans to tackle the growing issue of Australia’s air quality. Coordinated by the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Lung Foundation Australia, the inaugural National Air Quality and Health Meeting discussed air safety, links to respiratory diseases such as lung cancer, and air quality hotspots across the country.

Australia’s National Energy Productivity Plan is an important step forward

In early December 2015, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council announced a new National Energy Productivity Plan 2015-2030. This is significant as it is Australia’s first national energy productivity target, backed by all state and territory governments and the federal Government.

Business is picking up the pace ahead of the Paris climate summit

ast week 12 Australian companies committed to strong measures to tackle climate change at the Australian Climate Leadership Summit in Sydney. Many of these companies are household names, including the National Australia Bank, Westpac, AGL and Origin.