Monash Sustainable Development Institute launches

Monash Sustainable Development Institute launches

The Monash Sustainable Development Institute has launched, with a focus on finding answers to some of the biggest challenges facing the world today, ranging from climate change to creating sustainable cities and communities. The Institute will harness the research, delivery and education expertise within the University, including from ClimateWorks, to address the complex global challenges posed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Anna Skarbek CEO ClimateWorks Australia

Anna Skarbek joins Green Building Council Australia board

ClimateWorks CEO Anna Skarbek is proud to join the Green Building Council Australia board. As the council approves its new strategic plan, industry leaders with diverse skillsets and deep experience in new sectors have been appointed to the board of directors.

ClimateWorks zero emissions study a finalist in World Environment Day Awards

ClimateWorks Australia was honoured to be a finalist at the 2016 United Nations World Environment Day Awards held in Melbourne last night. The ClimateWorks report, Pathways to Deep Decarbonisation in 2050: How Australia can prosper in a low carbon world was recognised for making a significant contribution to the goal of limiting global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees Celsius.

The road from Paris to a low carbon future

On Friday, April 22 in New York, more than 130 countries are expected to formally sign the historic Paris agreement on climate change. Australia is expected to be among this first group along with the world’s largest emitters – China and the US. The agreement commits every country in the United Nations to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees and to pursue efforts to limit increase in temperature to 1.5 degrees.

Reducing Australia’s fuel security risks

Risks around reducing Australia’s demand for imported fuels were considered in a recent report, using ClimateWorks Australia’s 2050 Pathways calculator to model a range of scenarios. The report identified approaches which could offer significant contributions to Australia’s energy productivity and highlighted benefits that reduced demand could offer Australia, in terms of national fuel security and impact on our carbon reduction targets.

Ian Potter Foundation makes multi-million dollar donation to ClimateWorks

The Ian Potter Foundation has announced a $3 million grant over four years to Monash University, to boost the capacity of ClimateWorks Australia to facilitate Australia’s transition to a zero net carbon future. The grant highlights the vital role philanthropy plays in addressing climate change, which presents both the greatest challenge and the greatest opportunity of our time.