Sectors we work with

We identify the lowest cost opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the Australian economy. These opportunities can be grouped into three broad categories.  

Energy efficiency

In the built environment, transport and industry sectors, most opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions focus on improving the efficiency of energy use. By adopting more efficient technologies and processes, or through behaviour change, energy use can be reduced, achieving both financial savings and emissions reductions. View projects »

Land use

Through best practice land management techniques, the amount of carbon stored in soils and vegetation can be increased and the emissions produced by livestock reduced. These activities can also deliver productivity benefits to land owners. View projects »

Power sector

The transition to a low carbon economy requires a transformation of our power sector over coming decades. Between now and 2020, key opportunities to reduce emissions from our power supply come through an increase in the uptake of renewable energy technologies, and an improvement in the emissions intensity of fossil fuel power generation.View projects »